Monday, June 21, 2010

Cupcakes for Miriam's Baby Shower

Cupcakes are very in. Mind you, they were last year, now I've heard macaroons are the new thing. But I don't really mind, I fancied making cupcakes. And if you enjoy making and eating something, I don't believe it can come out of fashion.
I decided on carrot cake cupcakes as they can stay very moist for a long time.

This is what I needed as I had to make the cupcakes the day before the baby shower. Making carrot cake is pretty straightforward and easy. The real challenge was what decoration to choose and how to achieve it.
So first, let's start make the cupcakes themselves and be done with them.

Now, what about the decoration? I looked at all kinds of icing, ganaches, accessories, etc... But I had to keep in mind that the occasion is a baby shower for a little girl. And the weather is all summery which invites sunny colors, flowers, etc... I eventually settled on butter icing. First of all because it seemed easy to make! And easy to color the way I want. I did a baby pink, a baby blue and a purple batch. Later I made a yellow one as well.

And little decorations to adorn the icing, sugar flowers, silver sugar balls, and little green leaves that I made out of marzipan.

I never piped icing before, it was very tricky indeed! But it was very enjoyable and I will definitely do it again. I have been bitten by the cake decorating bug!

Here are the finished products!


  1. Cupcakes are VERY in where I live, too ... not to mention that they are fun, delicious, and pretty to look at!

    Yours are lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll visit often. (I couldn't e-mail back as your comments came in as "no-reply" ...)

  2. Yes I will definitely visit your blog again, I was so amazed by your creations. I'm a beginner (only made a few quilts so far) and I love being able to see what a talented quilter can do.

    Thanks for your comment on my cupcakes!

    Next time I leave a comment on your blog I'll tick the box for the email!

  3. Cupcakes are definitely 'in' around here, even weddings use them instead of a big cake.

    If you go into Edit Profile and put a checkmark in front of "show my email address", and then scroll down and SAVE, then we can email you back when you comment.

  4. Coucou ma grande (in French in the text). C'est tout simplement magnifique : les couleurs, la présentation, les fleurs qui accompagnent. Un régal pour les yeux ! Pour le goût je ne peux pas m'avancer car je n'étais pas avec vous. Mais je te fais confiance, je connais tes dons culinaires. Je ne dis pas ça parce que tu es ma fille, mais parce que c'est vrai. Je suis très heureuse et très fière de toi (je ne devrais pas le dire, mais tant pis). Avec tout mon amour de maman.

  5. Lovely lovely lovely! great idea the cup cakes huh! ;)